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Tutorial, in progress, be patient !

- Ella's environment



Vertical toolbar :

Drawing toolbar.png

from up to down : select tool / line tool / path+polygon tool / box tool / ellipse tool / text tool / color+opacity tool / font tool

Horizontal toolbar :

Horizontal toolbar.png

from left to right : new project/open an existing project/ save current project/ copy to clipboard / paste from clipboard / cut selection / undo last operation / redo last operation

timeline description :


(1)rulers, in red real time, in black images units (2)timeline cursor in red (3) empty unused images (4) used image (gold) with a keyframe (black point) (5) used images with interpolation (blue shape, white arrow) (6) used images (gold shape) (7) empty keyframe (white point) (8) button for cyclic zooming of timeline (9) current cursor position in image units (10) movie's frequency (11) current position in time units (12) number of current layer

- creating a simple movie (an animated title) ; in a PDF file (sorry, it's in french ...)

- using layers

- using transitions

- using sound

- exporting to Flash and SVG

- Ella File Format file_format

- Ella's libraries File Format library_file_format