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Basic morphing example

Summary : morphing is a very computer intensive technology. So, in order to use morphing, you must accept some restrictions. The main are :

- the morphing can't be previewed, because the player uses swfdec and swftools, but the swftools aren't able to do morphing for now

- you can only export morphing as SVG file format.

- you can only do morphing between "path" objects

- the path objects must have exactly the same number of points (it isn't an Ella limit, only a morphing limit) ; you can use Inkscape to check the notal amount of points (nodes) of a path, like in this screenshot : Nbre pts inkscape.png

How to make a simple morphing effect

1. Launch an svg editor, like Inkscape

2. load a path object, preferably with a limited number of points.

3. save two times this drawing : the first time, name the file "start.svg" (for example), and the second time, "end.svg" (for example).

4. keep only on memory under the svg editor the file named "start.svg" : this file will contain the first aspect of morphing animation, and, of course, the "end.svg" file will contain the final aspect of the morphing animation.

5. destroy (!) or modify as you want the "start.svg" drawing, and save the result (but DON'T remove any point).

6. quit the svg editor and launch Ella

7. under Ella, go to frame #40, and hit <f5> key.

8. remain on frame #40, and hit <f6> key in order to set a keyframe

9. goto frame #1.

10. import as symbol the file "start.svg", and drag'n'drop it where you want from the "library" panel

Import symbols.png

11. goto to frame #40, import as symbol the file "end.svg", and drag'n'drop it preferably at the same coordinates (x,y) than the "start.svg" symbol

12. goto frame #40, <right-click>, set an interpolation, goto to "transition panel", activate "morphing".

13. export your job as an "svg animation" (the morphing don't work for flash currently, due to swftools limitation)

14. open the resulting svg file under Opera for better results