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Build from source

You can get a tar.gz with the latest source code release of Ella here : [1] and if you prefer, Ella-renaissance version which is a parrallel project fork issued from rev #864 of Ella, here : Ella Renaissance

You must have installed all Gnu C tools, internationalization tools, gtk libs, goocanvas >0.14 (binaries+headers), swfdec (binaries+headers), swtools (binaries only), libzip (binaries+headers), libgtk (headers)

Note : for current develpment version, you must use (I hope temporary !) valaa, libgee, and libgtk 3.0 in order to compile

Extract it, then :

cmake .

Build from bzr

But, it's a better choice to use Bazaar in order to obtain every day (!) a fresh release from the development branch ... If you want, install all bzr management tools, and, then

First time

- open a terminal

- type mkdir ella_bzr

- type cd ella_bzr

- type bzr init

- type bzr branch lp:ella and wait until all source files are downloaded

- type cd ella

- type cmake .

- type make in order to build an executable

- type ./src/ella to launch Ella

Other times

- open a terminal

- type cd ella_bzr

- type cd ella

- type bzr pull lp:ella in order to obtain last revision

- type make in order to obtain the executable


For Ubuntu users (Warning: only for 10.04 and 10.10):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ella-animation/dev
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ella

Adding PPA repository manually

for Ubuntu 10.04 :

binary :

deb lucid main 

only for Ella Renaissance version : download

source :

deb-src lucid main 

for Ubuntu 10.10 :

binary :

deb maverick main 

only for Ella Renaissance version : download

source :

deb-src maverick main