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Elegant Light Linux Animator

Ella is a light animation software intended to achieve a aim of the Linux world : a functionnal and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) 2D animation sofware. At this time (March 2012) Ella has reached the 0.4.0 revision : the Flash (SWF) exportation are almost fully functionnal, and you can use some ActionScript(tm) for buttons. SVG exportation works, but with remaining bugs and limitations (no sound, no buttons for example).

Some morphings works for SVG exportation, but we're waiting for improvements from swtools.

Ella's development is made on Launchpad, here :

Since December 2011, the projet 'Ella Renaissance' is started ; 'Ella Renaissance' aims to be a more usable version (that means : don't include last code improvements) ;

Current release and milestones for Ella Renaissance

Ella Renaissance has now reached the 0.4 series, with various improvements !

The new release is online since 1st April 2012 (Ella 0.4.1), whith various bugs corrections (better editor, better mouse management...)

Buttons and scripts management works (with some limitations) now ! Please, see the example section to know how to use buttons and scripts. Here you can find examples There is also some work made to add scripts to keyframes...

Next release is delayed to 1st June 2012. We try to deliver ONE release EVERY month.

Code and binary packages for Ubuntu (Lucid, Maverick & Oneiric, for Oneiric there is also 64bits packages) are here : Downloads

Don't forget to install libswfdec0.8 and swftools which can be found at the same place (for Oneiric, but the .debs are OK also for prior versions of Ubuntu)

Note : before install libswfdec from Ella-Renaissance donwload section, you should do that (in a terminal) :

sudo apt-get install libgstreamer* libsoup* libxml*

New ! Read the Ella Renaissance blog (announcements, improvements) : Blog

Enter in the Community !

Here are some Screenshots.

Here you will find a tutorial and a Ella's file format description

Here you can find several howtos about animation with Ella

Here, you fill find some files exported by Ella (both Flash and .ella formats); examples

What is Ella ?