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A simple slideshow with music

In this howto, I will teach you to build a simple slideshow with music. Note that the sound will be usefull only if Flash format is your target. For each step, I'll give you instructions and, if necessary, screenshots

step 1 : deciding the format and length of the animation

In my mind, a slideshow must show each image at least 5 seconds. So, since the movie frequency can't be less than ONE image/second, we need 5 frames for each images we want to display. If we want to display 10 images, we need 10x5 = 50 frames.

Go to the timeline, and clic on frame #50. Hit <f5> key. The timeline changes, and becomes "marroon-gold".

Howto1 step1.jpg

Now, we must decide the size of the working space. Each images that we want to display are supposed to be 1280x64 pixels. Goto /format menu, and choose /scenery size sub menu. A dialog is displayed : Taille de la scène.png

Change the values like this : width = 1280, height = 64, margins = 120

Go to the /format menu again, and choose the / scenery background color sub menu. A cool color dialog will be displayed. Choose a dark color.

Howto1 step3.jpg

You can see that in the working space, all changes are made ...

Save your job, for example under the name slidedow. Ella will add the extension to the file name.

step 2 : importing bitmap files

At this step, I want to teach you to use the 'library' panel, even if it's not necessary for this tutorial. For each image you want to use, goto /file menu, then /import into library submenu, then /bitmap image submenu. Each time you choose a valid image (jpeg or png file format), the bitmap is added to the 'library' panel.

Howto1 step4.jpg

Then click on the 'save' button of the 'library' panel, in order to build a library archive with .bibella extension.